• Solastalgia

    The emotional response I was having reminded me of a National Geographic article I had read a month or so ago about the emotional responses people have to environmental changes and the word Solastalgia coined by Glen Albrecht to describe that response.

    Albrecht an Australian environmental philosopher coined the word in 2003 and it describes the destressing emotion that people feel in relation to environmental changes. Albrecht states “what solastalgia is attempting to define is a loss of sense of place”. He does not believe that our language is rich enough to effectively describe and understand our circumstances and how we feel and therefore we have to therefore create them.

  • Why Cork?

    Cork Benefits

    1. Lightweight
    2. Impermeable to liquids and gases
    3. Elastic and compressible
    4. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulator
    5. Slow burning, burns without a flame and does not emit toxins when burnt.
    6. Antistatic and anti-allergic - does not absorb dust and prevents the appearance of mites and, therefore, contributes to protection against allergies.
    7. Wear resistance - the honeycomb structure makes it resistant to wear. 
  • Welcome

    Welcome to KKG, we are finally up and running. All of the products are handmade, and are perfectly imperfect. I have researched the available mate...